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Submitted on
September 8, 2011
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_______Part 2

A grin spread across my face. We can sell this...and...and become rich! I yelled out loud.
But I didn't care, knowing no one heard me.  But before I could do anything else.
A stabbing pain hit my the hand that was holding the gem. The gem turned black as I threw it
to the ground. It crumbled to pieces. I wasn't focused on that though. I was focused on my
hand. Spreading across it, were pitch black scales. I stared as the scales spread across my
arm...then onto my chest. Another pain hit me. as two of my fingers on my right hand merge.
together, the same following my left hand the scales covered it. I fell to my knees as
another sharp pain hit the bottom of my spine. I looked, and noticed a reptilian tail sprout.
I was absolutely horrified. The scales had just covered my whole body. When my teeth started
to change and sharpen, my hands and feet also had claws. My face begin to push outward, and
elongate. To form a snout. I fell then over on my side, as 2 leathery wings burst out of
my back,the pain was agonizing.I yelled for help. But it was futile. The entire time, I
was growing larger, but slowly. So I didn't notice until later on. I tried to get up but my
lungs and throat were burning, and fell over as a stream of flameescaped my mouth. Horns
started growing on the sides of my skull. I clenched my teeth hopingit would stop. ......
The pain stopped,it just suddenly stopped. And I had torn through my clothes. But I didn't
get up. All my energy was used up for now. So I fell asleep...not wanting to see what I had

I slowly opened my eyes, and could that it was morning. I also noticed my was different.
Everything was easier to see, and I could see some animals in the woods ahead. I then
carefully got up, and noticed that I was on all fours. It felt wierd, but was comfortable.
I knew that I a dragon now, because I had wings, a tail, much sharper teeth, enchanced
vision, and could breath fire. I then something. My family. I couldn't speak, and how
would they know it's me? The sudden thought of being killed by the army or my family not
reconizing me made me cry a few tears. I shaked off those thoughts, and stepped outside.

I looked over the barren forest, and had flapped my wings a few times. But I didn't take
flight,because I knew I would crash almost instantly. I then folded my wings and looked at
the forest below, I decided to explore it. I knew that almost nothing could harm me now.
I soon found a small clearing, and stream of water. I drank from it, but not for long.
I heard something not far away, it was a deer. I had forgot all about my hunger until then.
I quietly snuck over, preparing to leap and tear it apart.....It turned its head in my
direction, and leaped through the, pinning it to the ground. It tried to break free
but I firmly held it to the ground and sliced it's neck open. It stopped, and then died.
I then quickly swallowed it, and then I remembered that I was still mind

I then went back to the stream I found earlier and and started drinking the water again,
I then noticed that I had curved spikes going down my back to the end of my tail...and
that only my eyes were still the same blue color, a reminder of my humanity. I was about
14 feet tall.

I found my way back to the cave and rested. I couldn't help but wonder how worried my family
was. I certainly wanted to go back, but not like this. I decided to brush away those
thoughts and looked back at the sun, it was starting to set but not quite. I then heard
someone talking...and it was getting closer....
I made a few in notepad before I registered for DeviantArt, thats why im already uploading more, Anyway, enjoy! :)
Fuck! No shit. Why's it always the deer?
Muzzle not snout... That told me he was being pigified
oooh... does he become an anthro... it is ok if he doesnt
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